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The Social Shelf Project

Gersande Schellinx

The social shelf project by Gersande Schellinx inquires how shifted perspectives in relation to materiality can produce alternative relationship between users/makers and small objects. In the context of social design, reciprocity between human and non-human actors is key. This bubble action uses the mundane space of a shelf as a material and conceptual constraint (or as a trope for social structures) to initiate conversations with people and their direct surroundings, engaging them in new material processes.

Gersande Schellinx (Paris, 1997) is an Amsterdam based interdisciplinary maker and designer. Her work aspires to shape inclusive contexts for creative publishing and research. As part of the master, she positioned herself as intermediate and facilitator between objects and people, rather than as designer-author. Re-evaluating our relation to traditional media and production cycles, Gersande hopes to find alternative ways to publishing, be it in collaboration with or as commissioned by others, in which sustainability and accessibility are at the core of new material narratives.

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    Project Documentation


    Social Shelves: an Itstory [Thesis]

    Publication PDF

    Material Reviews: the social shelf project

    Publication PDF

    Graduation Show

    Making things Bubblic on Radio Worm.

    Across two evenings XPUB will share their work and research through interviews. Interviews here are interpreted in different ways by each student - they will structure dialogues, discussions and bubbles of thought, mixed with infomercials and sonic material that shares more of our practices. The radio shows are a teaser to invite you to our graduation show. Hosted by Ål Nik [Alexandra Nikolova] and Gersande Schellinx.