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User Sentimental eXperience

Nami Kim

User Sentimental eXperience is a web publishing project, questioning and indulging the notion of user experience on the web. The project is rooted from my regret about the narrow scope of interpretation on the term in the current web design industry. The word 'user experience' is indeed such a beautiful one, as it has broad potentials to be understood. The current status quo, however, seems to define it just with a full focus on making users' efficient performances. I find the world of web is losing colours and emotions. Through this project I present my belief that the web is a imaginary and sentimental stage and window. The web experience should entail more 'feelings' like inviting, warm, energetic, playful, subtle, nostalgic, cute, etc. Thus since 12th May 2022 I've been publishing a small web experiment and an essay every few weeks, attempting to bring more sentiments on the web. The project investigates how contents can be the 'experience' itself, not just to be stayed as pieces of information.

If I have to lable somehow, I would call myself as a web publihser. I explore the web design as an attitude of story telling. I'm based Rotterdam, the Netherlands.
My favourite working medium is HTML and CSS.

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