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Unlearning the Rules of Collectivity

Giulia de Giovanelli

Unlearning the Rules of Collectivity (2018) is a research project that studies practices of collaboration for art and education models and existent communities. In the thesis, there is an interest in looking at the meaning of community and cooperation, and in rethinking these concepts in different terms. My proposal is to introduce different values that would aim to create a balance between individuals and their natural competitive forces, and the collective, with a need for community and cooperation. The research explores a variety of possibilities and values which calls for a need for balance.

Giulia de Giovanelli (Trento, 1992), is an Italian designer and researcher. Her work explores alternative models of collaboration within design and publishing fields. Giulia is interested in dialogical structures for sharing and making and counter-practices for the organization of communal life. An important part of her methodology is the use of technology as a medium for physical interaction, participation and performance. The starting point of her work is a political and sociological research which often grow from collaborating with existing communities.

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