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The Constitution

Tisa Neža Herlec

The Constitution is ever-changing and dynamic. It is the friction between structure and chaos, composition and improvisation, me and the world, ... These tensions arise in many domains of my practice and have been the guides of my research. The Constitution is a totality, struggling to remain a whole, while being recurrently organized into different structures, articulated under diverse terms, inserted into many contexts. While knowing that the map is not the territory and that there is more to the world than reason, I dive into the practice of improvisation (with sound, my voice, language, other people and visual material), exploring this uncharted territories, producing a plethora of works that swim together in the same current, related to each other, constructing this totality that found it's name: The Constitution. Hereby, I present a snippet of the whole - a selection of works, inspirations and situations, intuitively ordered in a file system of a USB stick, an installation and a performance - a sonification of my written thesis.

Tisa Neža Herlec (1996, Ljubljana, SI) communicates, organizes, writes, performs and creates imaginaries (with sound, voice, in texts and images). Collaboration, processuality and the friction between structures ignite her inspiration. She is a thinker and a practitioner of the praxis of improvisation, exploring its emancipatory potentials.

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On the link you will find a listing of the files that are contained in the physical form of a USB.
The website is protected with a password. If you wish to access it, email me: tisa.neza.herlec@gmail.com.


'x' = what?/title of the work
+ = who?/names of co-creators
@ = where?/place
~ = insight into the backend of the file

-> Browse also by the intuitively chosen keywords, such as: absence, bird, composition, map, net, painting etc.

If I may suggest: 'the-constitution', 'semiotic-vision', 'the-fishnet', 'the-side-entrance', 'intertwinement', 'multimedia-digestive-circuit', ...