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Terrafying Hear/Say

Ioana Tomici (IT)

Terrafying Hear/Say is a reflection on recent disastrous events, their expanded and polyvocal implications, and an ongoing context of producing work through various degrees of isolation and remoteness. This research is conducted through generating discourses, followed by the continuous acts of (re-)listening, (re-)reading and (re-)writing. Through layers of fabricated discourse, IT questions her personal predilection for pessimism in relation to the work and sensibilities of her interlocutors. The act of informally discussing urgent matters inevitably entails digressing into the complex, cyclical and imperceptible phenomenology of the disaster and the traces it may leave. Terrafying Hear/Say emerges as a dialogical experiment that carries multiple uncertainties with each utterance. A high-strung narrative which aims to traverse a bleak outlook on pasts, presents and futures, by mending a much needed conversation that never took place.

IT's (1993, Bucharest) work investigates the limits of communication, as conveyed through audio-visual signals, by constantly attempting to define, translate and process linguistic structures into a strange soup of maleable particles.

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