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Sound Jams

Ål Nik [Alexandra Nikolova]

Sound Jams // Deluxe Edition by Ål Nik [Alexandra Nikolova] gathers five collectively made sonic publications and their visual elaborations within the walls of a CD case. It aims at inspiring practitioners to play with different methods for including sound in their research and artistic practice. This bubblication in a rectangle form collects the outcomes of facilitated group experiences of sound-making and publishing.

Ål Nik [Alexandra Nikolova] (Sofia, 1985) is a mixed-media artist, designer, and facilitator who is working between the Netherlands, France and Bulgaria. With her work, she plays with bringing mediums such as illustration and sound together towards an experimental publications and artworks. In the context of her master research, she aimed at finding accessible entry points for other visual makers like her to use sound in their research and artistic work.

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Sound Jams // Deluxe Edition

This deluxe edition celebrates the launch of [sound jams] - a series of facilitated collective sound-based publication makings that I started doing as part of my master’s course research. In this case, you will find the first five editions of the sound jams: the stories behind the making, highlights from the process, visual scores, illustrations and, of course, the sonic pieces (on the micro SD card as well as accessible through a QR code & web link).



The documentation of the Sound Jams is published on my own MediaWiki.

Graduation Show

Radio Shows

  • Listen to the Radio Shows
  • Across two evenings XPUB shared their work and research through interviews. Interviews here were interpreted in different ways by each student - they structured dialogues, discussions and bubbles of thought, mixed with infomercials and sonic material that shares more of our practices. The radio shows were a teaser to invite the listeners to our graduation show. They were hosted by Ål Nik [Alexandra Nikolova] and Gersande Schellinx and aired on Radio WORM on June 23rd and 27th.


      Sound Jams // Listen and Respond was a cosy, bubbly corner that invited the guests to spend a little time with (some of) the five Sound Jams. They could have a look at a sample of the audiozine publication. The visitors were also invited to respond to what they listened to by leaving an audio recording. The setup took place as part of Experimental Publishing's graduation show at Slash Gallery (Worm) between 29th of June and 2nd of July.