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Hacking Maintenance with Care

Erica Gargaglione

Hacking Maintenance with Care is a research about the everyday struggles experienced within the practice of collectively running and maintaining independent digital infrastructures in the cultural field. A series of conversations and collective evaluations called "Boiler inspections" has being conducted. Spreadsheets, questionnaires, forms and other bureaucratic amenities are used as props to trigger boiling questions conversations.

Through the boiler inspections, maintenance is explored as a conflicting practice in which administrative principles and strategies are experimented, in the attempt of conciliating the need for a gentle survival and the urgency of a more unapologetic exercise of care.

Erica Gargaglione is an artist and cultural worker, who is constantly changing her bio depending on her collaborations. Her work evolves around digital tools and situated small-scale infrastructures that can enable collective processes and relations of care.


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