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Euna Lee

As my mother tongue is Korean and I learned English and French in Korea, I keep making slips of the tongue every day. I mispronounce, misuse words and make grammar errors. Although that happens continuously, I still feel guilty. So, I needed shelter from the standard language and a vacation from my shame.

In my virtual online universe, the Looking-Screen World (LSW), no one commits those linguistic crimes. Instead, users are invited to bring their slip of the tongue anecdote. From their contribution, a new word is invented and everyone in LSW speak so, write so and play so. I call this language, Frabjousish; a compound word of Frabjous (an invented word by Lewis Carroll; fair, fabulous and joyous) and -ish (suffix meaning relating to).

Frabjousish is a gesture of the people who are often considered linguistic criminals to promote language equality and resist the violence of Standard language.

Euna Lee(KR) is a digital artist and co-founder of Mayoyo Publishing. Her works revolve around feminism, racism and language injustice. However, due to her allergy to speaking seriously, she emphasises playfulness and humour in her projects.

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