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CONSIDER DISASTER, DESIRE REVOLUTION : A repository for (astro-)political research

Clara Noseda

As a technology, the astrological system has been manipulated, re-interpreted, re-crafted, and worked around by humanity, transculturally and for several thousands of years. 

This repository uses this technology — the age old reverence and understanding of celestial movements and their symbolical correlations — to lay down a framework. It was crafted and drafted as a lense through which events can be witnessed, articulated, studied, interpreted, and archived.

I hope for this work to be a humble account of my own practice of astrology, as well as the drafts of a handbook. A handbook to developp a language that is both culturally grounded, and politically engaged, as well as astrologically aware. A handbook which hopefully participates in the collective writing and framing of astrology as a complex research tool, to navigate the current events equipped with a vocabulary that exposes and investigates power dynamics and patterns. 
A method of commitment towards social change.

Clara’s concerns, as a publisher, is to try to understand and deconstruct the different modes and forms that structure our way of receiving and sharing information. Their research is motivated by a desire to question historical "truths" and potential futures, and to explore how different mediums and media can weave together to generate new states of mind, new political landscapes.

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