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Cartographies of Counter-Speculation

Paloma García García

'Cartographies of Counter-Speculation' is a collection of maps and diagrams that envisions alternative housing models that are almost never represented on maps. The project is based on the practice of three communities in Rotterdam: Stad in de Maak, Poortgebow and Stichting NAC, which are exposing property speculation, each of them in their own specific way. Maps and diagrams are not only elements of contemplation but they are also open spaces to start conversations. Dig deep into them and leave your footprint!

Paloma García García (1992, ES) is an architect and researcher currently based in Rotterdam. Her work explores digital communication mediums that can be used as socio political communication tools. Her life is based on drawing diagrams and mapping everything that is in front of her.

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  • [Paloma García García, Cartographies of Counter-Speculation, 2020. Rotterdam].
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