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Attempting diffraction

Camilo García A.

Attempting diffraction is a constellation/pattern/bag of different experiments that emerged from the question: How can publishing practices perform/enhance/propose diffraction?


# Diffraction

⤷ It happens when waves -light, water, sound- encounter an obstacle and form a multitude of patterns as they pass through.

⤷ To perform inter-connection between things.

⤷ It creates a **pattern of differences**

⤷ There is no sharp boundary separating the light from the darkness

⤷ Thinking the differences within el medio, el espacio que nos conecta y nos separa simultaneously.

⤷ About taking responsibility for the fact that our practices matter; the world is materialized differently through different practices.


A brief Glossary of glossaries is a small website that collects as a glossary the results of a workshop made around the idea of glossary structures. Collectively participants were invited to think of the common structure of glossaries, and propose new possibilities.

Living Glossary for a diffractive
publishing practice
is an ongoing and ever-evolving bag of words and resources of publishing. It questions glossaries' structure and performs relation-ability by being open to contribution and experiment with reading. (The description above is the glossary entry for Diffraction)

( Rumination Sessions )

"Rumination Sessions" are workshops to digest and share the current state of the glossary. During these moments other practitioners are invited to activate it by sharing, annotating and conversing around it.

Living Glossary Environment tool is a tool to make living glossaries from a text file. It allows the creation of a static website that performs the idea of a glossary as a layering of annotations rather than a closed list of words and definitions.

Dear reader is a letter and a micro application to gather and circulate questions. It feeds the "Rumination Sessions" where questions are cards that initiate reflection.

Questions of publishing is a tool that aims to introduce a diffractive thought inside publishing processes. It is a tool that helps practitioners to reflect and diffract about their projects by asking questions and triggering the use of the "Permeable Glossary".

Camilo is a visual artist and graphic designer from Bogota currently based in Rotterdam.

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